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At St. Malachy School, we educate the whole child. From Common Core-driven reading instruction to inquiry-based science units to daily physical education, we believe in offering every learner various opportunities to grow. Please see our enrichment page for even more opportunities outside of the classroom.


  • Math: Our preschool through sixth graders use the Everyday Math program, while the CMP3 program challenges our seventh and eighth graders. Through mathematical modeling, gameplay, and an emphasis on reading and writing in mathematics, we have seen our problem solvers soar!
  • STEAM: In the STEAM curriculum, students leverage hard and soft skills to solve problems. STEAM encourages collaboration to understand a STEM concept. By integrating concepts and practices of the arts, STEAM uses tools such as data visualization or fine art imagery to deepen one’s understanding of science, math, and technology.
  • Reading/Writing: Our primary classes use the Superkids reading program while our upper-grade teachers develop Common Core-aligned thematic units. The thousands of independent reading books in our building help the students develop a love for literature!
  • Spanish: We offer Spanish two times weekly to every student, from preschool through eighth grade. Thanks to this preparation, many of our students go on to take advanced language classes in high school!
  • Physical Education: We must care for our students' bodies and minds. Every child has a gym four times per week.
  • Music: Our students participate in two music classes each week, learning music theory, instrumentals, and vocals.
  • Art: Weekly art classes nurture our students' creativity. Visit our school to see their works of art all over the halls and classrooms!

Prospective families, don't hesitate to contact the office to hear more about our academics at 312-733-2252 or email [email protected].


Current families, please get in touch with your child's teacher for more information. We would love to give you more information about our program!