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At St. Malachy, we are dedicated to teaching and nurturing young minds. This dedication is reflected in the attitude of each member of our staff and by the mission statement that guides our school.

"We, the faith community of St. Malachy School, create a collaboration of love between family and school in which each person is challenged academically, respected socially, and enriched spiritually."

Archbishop Cupich visited St. Malachy

Archbishop Cupich playing a math game on the IPAD with a 2nd grader

Archbishop Cupich came to a luncheon on February 19, 2015 that was held for the leaders of Vicariate III. After lunch he took a tour of our school. First he stopped in 2nd grade and played a game on and IPAD with one of our students. Next, he visited the 3rd grade room and played Math Bingo with 3rd and 4th graders. He then listened to them recite our school pledge. Lastly, he stopped in 8th grade Language Arts and listened to two students recite their persuasive speeches. Afterwards, he gave our students some wonderful advice on public speaking. We were so honored to host such an awesome leader and a really great man. Check out our Flickr Page for to see more photos of the visit.

Give Kids a Smile!

Our Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, and 6th Grade went to the UIC Dental School to receive free exams and cleaning. Our students also learned about how to keep their smiles healthy and bright!

A wonderful essay on personal insight and growth. Please read the following:

The 5th grade class had to write an essay for Religion class on how we could change our negative characteristics. I thought about one time I had a bag full of candy and someone asked me for skittles, but I said no. I thought to myself, that was very selfish and God wouldn't do that. I thought back to that time and came up with this message to make others put themselves in other people's positions.
I can learn to not be selfish by setting a goal for myself to put myself last in three situations this week. Then at the end of this week, I will see how much better I feel when I am not constantly thinking about how I can benefit myself. Of course, once I accomplish this, I wouldn't always put myself last because I might be in a situation where someone's taking advantage of me.
I will practice being humble and modest. I will not think I deserve more than others because I am "me." I will always believe I can change. It will feel good to simplify my life and to give up some of the things I thought I needed. I will be more willing to concede to other people. I will listen to my friends and observe them in action. Through all of these actions I will be a better person in God's image. - Kierra Gates (5th Grade)

Student Athlete of the Month - Tierra Martin

● St. Malachy 2nd Honors
● Guard for St. Malachy Basketball
● Midfielder for St. Malachy Lacrosse (Girls and Boys)
● Member of St. Malachy Girls on the Run (starting this spring)
● PBIS (Perfect Behavior In School)
● Biggest Role Model: Her Mother

Coach Angelotta’s Comments:
Tierra is always the first girl at practice, and often the last to leave. She not only hangs tough with the boys in gym, but also participates in the full-contact middle school boy’s lacrosse league in the spring! I've known Tierra for almost five years and I have seen her develop from a very shy and reserved 4th grader to an extremely active and dignified St. Malachy Student-Athlete. Although she is still quiet at times (which isn't a bad thing), Tierra has managed to carve out a spotlight of her own through hard work, fearlessness, and tremendous sportsmanship!

Student Athlete of the Month - Quincy Johnson

● St. Malachy 2nd Honors
● Guard for St. Malachy JV Basketball
● Member of St. Malachy Soccer
● Member of St. Malachy Lacrosse
● Participates in Chicago Lights Program
● Favorite Athlete: Lebron James of the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers

Coach Angelotta’s Comments:
Quincy is a friendly, polite, and hard working student-athlete and truly a tremendous representative of the Rams Athletic Program. He puts his head down and works vigorously whether in the classroom or on the field of play. Quincy has taken on multiple sports while maintaining quality grades, and he is a positive example for all of our rising student-athletes!

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