Mission Statement

We, the faith community of St. Malachy School, create a collaboration of love between family and school in which each person is challenged academically, respected socially, and enriched spiritually.

As the faith community of St. Malachy School, we will:

  • Proclaim our belief in the values and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith, while respecting that our students come from diverse traditions;
  • Seek to instill in our students the same faith we profess as adults;
  • Witness against violence, believing that it is through commitment to the Gospel that we rise above injustice and share in God's life;
  • Encourage both the sharing and conserving of our resources;
  • Believe we are all brothers and sisters who recognize and foster the uniqueness of all children and who work together for their academic excellence and religious development;
  • Promote an atmosphere in our school of mutual respect, personal responsibility and caring service to others, and an unending thirst for justice and peace;
  • Recognize and respect the role of parent/guardian as the primary educator.

Vision Statement

St. Malachy School strives to be a family-based educational community of faith where all students are expected to understand the need to work hard and do their very best so as to fulfill their potential and become good citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

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